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What is an outboard engine?

An outboard engine is a type of propulsion device installed on a ship, usually consisting of an engine and an external propeller. It can provide good maneuverability and sailing speed, and is one of the indispensable equipment in modern navigation.

Research on the development trend of electric outboard engine

In the recent March-April period, the release of various clean energy and various green boat types in the international market has been endless, and the latest trends in the field of electric outboards can be clearly seen in the comprehensive media - this is a field of rapid innovation and one of the brightest stars in the global recreational Marine business, whose unit sales have increased by about 30% in the past decade. In a full report, I read about developments in the field of electric outboards, where cutting-edge technologies are carving out a larger niche in this highly competitive market.

The introduction of garden machinery

Garden machinery is a general term, in fact, the main use in this industry is five types of machine: lawn mower, irrigation machine, hedge machine, chainsaw, medicine machine. Use a chainsaw at -30 ° C

Introduction of rotary tiller

It is a rotary tilling knife roller driven by a tractor to complete the tillage, harrowing and preparation of the land, which can cut vegetation and mix it in the entire tilling layer, and can also mix fertilizers and pesticides in the tilling layer. After rotary tillage operation, the soil is broken enough, the surface is smooth, and the operation process is reduced, so it is widely used. From this issue on, this newspaper will continue to publish the use and maintenance of rotary tiller related knowledge, hoping to help the majority of machine operators. 1. When installing the three-point suspension rotary tiller matching the wheeled tractor, the power output shaft should be cut off first, the output shaft cover should be removed, and the rotary tiller should be connected properly when reversing, and then the universal joint with the square shaft should be loaded onto the rotary tiller drive shaft, the rotary tiller should be lifted, and the knife shaft should be turned by hand to see whether the operation is flexible. Then the universal joint with square sleeve is inserted into the tractor power output shaft to fix. Note that the fork joint of the square shaft and the square shaft sleeve should be in the same plane, if the wrong installation, the universal joint will make a sound, the rotary tiller vibration increases, and the parts can be damaged. After the universal joint is installed, the safety latch should be inserted into the groove on the spline shaft, and then locked with the cotter pin.

Mechanical maintenance of garden machinery

The fuel of the four-stroke gasoline engine is clean gasoline (No. 90 or above), and the lubricating oil is SAE30 four-stroke oil. The new machine idle running 2 hours, the heat engine can be used normally after replacing the oil. Normal use of the cumulative work of about 30 hours to replace the oil. Check the oil level before and after each use.

The process of mechanical operation

Check whether the safety device is firm, whether the screws and nuts of each part are loose, and whether the fuel leaks out. In particular, whether the mounting screws of the blade and the screws of the gear box are tight, if they are loose, they should be tightened.


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