What is an outboard engine?

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An outboard motor refers to the propulsion engine installed on the outside of the hull (ship side), usually hanging on the outside of the stern board. Outboard motors are highly integrated and easy to install and purchase. They are a common maneuvering method for propelling personal leisure and entertainment boats. They are also widely used in fisheries, commercial operations, and government law enforcement, etc. According to different energy sources, outboard motors are divided into traditional fuel type and electric outboard motors.

Outboard engine is a kind of Marine auxiliary equipment, the use of fuel driven, through the connection with the ship's transmission system, the power transfer to the ship's propeller, so as to push the ship. It plays an important role in modern shipping, because it has faster speed and better maneuverability, and ships can travel faster to their destinations in a shorter period of time through outboard engines.

Outboard motor consists of two main parts: engine and propeller. The engine is usually a two-stroke or four-stroke internal combustion engine, which can control the size and direction of thrust by controlling the throttle and the direction transmission lever, so as to drive the propeller to rotate and achieve the purpose of the ship.

There are two main types of thrusters: fixed and adjustable. The fixed propeller consists of a propeller and a fixed thruster, which is suitable for low-speed ships or ships requiring low-speed operation. The adjustable propeller can adjust the Angle of the propeller according to the need, and then adjust the size and direction of the propulsion force, suitable for high-speed ships or ships requiring fast operation.

The main advantages of outboard include good ship maneuvering performance, fast speed, simple maintenance and so on. However, it should be noted that ships using outboards need to pay attention to some safety issues, such as wearing personal life-saving equipment and maintaining a safe distance. In short, outboard is an indispensable part of modern shipping, and plays an important and irreplaceable role in the operation and development of ships.