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Zhejiang Anqidi Power Machinery Co., Ltd. is professional China Chain Saws manufacturers and wholesale Chain Saws factory, our company located in Luqiao District of Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province--the rising trade city on the coast of East China Sea. The factory is specialized in outboard motor and garden machinery, agricultural machinery, and plastic products. It is the private company that incorporates skill, worker, trade into an organic whole. With the philosophy of “capital as the link, guide by High-Tech, base on People, the market as the carrier “, the company continuously developed and grew for the best.

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Industry knowledge about Chain Saws

A chain saw is a portable, mechanical saw that is used to cut wood, tree limbs, and other materials. It consists of a chain with sharp teeth that rotates around a guide bar and is driven by a motor. Chain saws are commonly used for tasks such as tree felling, pruning, and climbing, as well as for cutting firewood and lumber.
There are two main types of chain saws: gas-powered and electric. Gas-powered chain saws are typically more powerful and are suitable for heavy-duty tasks, such as cutting through thick tree limbs or large logs. They are powered by a small gasoline engine and are typically more portable than electric chain saws. Electric chain saws are powered by an electric motor and are typically lighter and easier to use than gas-powered saws. They are suitable for lighter-duty tasks and are often used by homeowners or for small-scale projects.
Chain saws can be dangerous tools if not used properly. It is important to follow the instructions and safety precautions when using a chain saw, including wearing proper safety gear, such as gloves, a hard hat, and hearing protection. In addition, the chain should be kept sharp and the saw should be properly maintained to ensure safe and effective operation.