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Company ProfileZhejiang Anqidi Power Machinery Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Anqidi Power Machinery Co., Ltd. is famous custom Hedge Trimmer Accessories Series NO.L09 suppliers, and the company is located in Luqiao District of Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province--the rising trade city on the coast of East China Sea. The factory is specialized in outboard motor and garden machinery, agricultural machinery, and plastic products. It is the private company that incorporates skill, worker, trade into an organic whole.
With the philosophy of “capital as the link, guide by High-Tech, base on People, the market as the carrier “, the company continuously developed and grew for the best.
For the establishment of the company with the corporate culture base on “Performance guide, The Leaning organization”, Center on the corporate vision “ Creating world garden and brand”, we insist on the principle of “High quality, Sound reliability, and Famous brands”, and are actively pursuing on the sustainable development.
In the new century, Anqidi staff will continue self-improvement, build Anqidi brand with high quality and high standard for the society, and participate in international competition. All Anqidi staffs warmly welcome your visit, call or inquiry. Let us join hands and create a bright future.

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