How to Operate an Outboard Engine Properly During Break-in Period?

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The break-in period of the outboard motor is generally 10 hours. If it is a 2-stroke outboard motor, you must pay special attention to the ratio of the 2-stroke engine oil during the first 10 hours. The new engine’s gasoline and engine oil should be fully mixed at a ratio of 25:1 and gradually changed to 50:1 after a total of 10 hours of running. Read the following instructions to run an outboard during the break-in period:

The initial 10 minutes: Run the outboard engine at low rpm. Idle speed in the neutral position is the most suitable to warm up your engine.

Next 50 minutes: Keep your boat running at 3000 rpm or less than half throttle speed, and change the engine speed from time to time. If your boat is easy to plan, accelerate to full throttle to plan, then immediately reduce the throttle to 3000 rpm or less.

Next two hours: Accelerate to full throttle for coasting, then reduce engine speed to three-quarters throttle (approximately 4000 rpm). Change the engine’s speed from time to time. Run at full throttle for one minute and then at three-quarter throttle or lower for 10 minutes to allow the outboard engine to cool.

Hold for 7 hours: Run the fishing boat engine normally, but avoid running at full throttle speed for more than 5 minutes at a time.

After the first 10 hours: Run your engines normally. Mix the gasoline and engine oil at a ratio of 50:1.

Different ships should be treated differently. Please operate cautiously as you learn how your boat performs under different conditions and at different trim angles.

Before getting it started, if any part of the engine is not operating properly, have your engine inspected and repaired. Otherwise, accidents may occur when you are using it.


The 4-stroke outboard engine oil needs to be replaced after the break-in period. After that, the oil should usually be replaced every 100 hours of operation. New machines do not have engine oil inside. Please double-check whether there is engine oil inside of the machine before starting the engine, otherwise the consequences will be serious. The break-in period of an outboard motor is the same as the break-in period of fuel-powered cars and motorcycles. During the break-in period, do not use full throttle and full load for a long time. Within 3-4 minutes of the first start-up of the new outboard motor, it should run at idle speed so that the outboard motor can be well-preheated and lubricated. Especially the 2-stroke machine is lubricated by 2-stroke oil mixed with gasoline, so it must be preheated and driven slowly for 3-5 minutes before it can be driven at medium speed. Water-cooled outboard motors must be started in water, otherwise it will easily cause wear of the water pump impeller and overheating of the machine.


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