What are the requirements for garden machinery operation

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1 Operators must be trained and read the instructions carefully before using for the first time. 2 It is strictly forbidden to operate the irrigation machine after drinking, fatigue or illness. 3 Wear tight, long-sleeved shirts and trousers, do not wear short sleeves, skirts, scarves, ties and work coats for work. 4 Wear work clothes and corresponding labor protection supplies, such as helmets, protective glasses, gloves, work shoes, etc. 5 Turn off the engine before refueling. When the heat engine has no fuel at work, it should be shut down for 3 minutes, and the engine is cooled and then refueled, and the oil can not overflow, if it spills, it should be wiped clean and then refueled. After adding fuel to the cutting machine, move the machine to another safe place to start. 6 Do not smoke when using the machine or near the machine to prevent fire. 7 During maintenance and repair, turn off the engine and remove the spark plug high voltage cable. 8 Stay away from 3m at the operation point to avoid injury from thrown blades and debris. 9 Pay attention to the adjustment of idle speed, and ensure that the tool head cannot turn after releasing the throttle. The safety device must be firmly installed before operation. 11 The engine should be turned off when hitting hard objects such as rocks and iron wires, or when the blade is hit. Check whether the blade is damaged. Do not use it if any abnormality occurs. 12 In order to prevent slipping on rainy days, do not work; Do not work in bad weather such as strong wind or fog. 13 When using for a long time, rest in the middle, and check whether all parts are loose, especially the blade parts. 14 During operation - keep the handgrip tight and keep your feet properly separated in order to maintain balance. 15 When operation is interrupted or moved, be sure to stop the engine first. 16 The engine should be turned off during transport. When handling or storing the machine, there must be a protective device on the blade, and the blade should face forward when moving. 17 Only plastic rope is allowed to be used as the cutting head, and steel wire is strictly prohibited to replace plastic rope.