Introduction of rotary tiller

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It is a rotary tilling knife roller driven by a tractor to complete the tillage, harrowing and preparation of the land, which can cut vegetation and mix it in the entire tilling layer, and can also mix fertilizers and pesticides in the tilling layer. After rotary tillage operation, the soil is broken enough, the surface is smooth, and the operation process is reduced, so it is widely used. From this issue on, this newspaper will continue to publish the use and maintenance of rotary tiller related knowledge, hoping to help the majority of machine operators. 1. When installing the three-point suspension rotary tiller matching the wheeled tractor, the power output shaft should be cut off first, the output shaft cover should be removed, and the rotary tiller should be connected properly when reversing, and then the universal joint with the square shaft should be loaded onto the rotary tiller drive shaft, the rotary tiller should be lifted, and the knife shaft should be turned by hand to see whether the operation is flexible. Then the universal joint with square sleeve is inserted into the tractor power output shaft to fix. Note that the fork joint of the square shaft and the square shaft sleeve should be in the same plane, if the wrong installation, the universal joint will make a sound, the rotary tiller vibration increases, and the parts can be damaged. After the universal joint is installed, the safety latch should be inserted into the groove on the spline shaft, and then locked with the cotter pin. 2. When installing the rotary tiller matching the walking tractor, the tractor should be tilted forward, the traction frame should be removed, and the rotary tiller should be fixed on the gearbox with five stud bolts. Note that the two positioning pins on the two joint surfaces should be aligned to ensure proper meshing of the gear after assembly. When installing, if the gear in the rotary tiller transmission box is on top of the gear in the transmission box, it should not be hard pressed hard knock, and the pulley should be moved to make the gear in the transmission box rotate an Angle before installation. In addition, it should be ensured that the thickness of the paper pad at the connection with the gearbox is 0.45 ~ 0.55 mm, and too thick or too thin will affect the meshing gap of the two meshing gears. When removing the rotary tiller, it is necessary to cover the gearbox joint surface with a shield to prevent debris from falling into the box.
The selection and use of lawn mowers in the industry is also known as lawnmowers, mainly used for lawn trimming. Once google News said that there were a lot of dead grass in the hills behind Google headquarters, to prevent it from buying dozens of goats instead of lawnmowers, when Google was dealing with weeds, and there was no need for grass (can not be called lawn) to have any shape, and actually in landscaping, grass is professionally planted (the technical term must definitely be called lawn). Generally, lawns are planted in large areas to beautify the environment, so they need to be neat and beautiful when pruning, and the lawn mower has such a function. What the industry needs to consider when using a lawn mower is power and whether it is environmentally friendly. In general, when choosing a lawn mower, consider the lawn area, the area is large to ten thousand, you must choose a large chassis and high-power lawn mower, such as 21 inches of 5.5 horsepower, such as 22 inches of 6.75 horsepower, or even tens of acres of land to improve the efficiency of the lawn car (can reach 10 horsepower or more, 20 horsepower). If it is a lawn mower with a residential property, then it must consider the factors of low noise and less pollution, then you can choose a Honda-powered machine (mainly relative to the machine powered by Bailitong). Most people think that the original imported machine must be better in all aspects, fuel saving, environmental protection, and the quality is more reliable, and this is the case, but just like people, the machine also lives and dies, so there will certainly be illness, a part of the problem, need to be replaced, and then can not find the original piece, or can find but take a long time, Then it will delay the work. In short, choose the domestic machine is suitable, some domestic machine quality has caught up with the imported machine, there is a domestic machine must have excellent after-sales service, the new green beauty green lawn mower must be.
Cutting machine in the industry is divided into two mainstream cutting machine is actually a lawn mower, also known as knapsack mower, can actually be carried by hand, it is mainly used to sweep a large area of lawn or trim dead grass shrubs, this is mainly due to its structure, in the grass part is playing grass rope or replaced with blades, sweeping can be used to beat grass rope, and cutting shrubs and dead grass can be replaced with blades. The actual use of this machine is the most highway maintenance. In the market, the cutting machine is mainly divided into imported original and domestic two main mainstream, there is a big difference in quality, imported durability will not appear such a problem, and because of the foreign manufacturers such as Germany Andre. The Steel company, making the original parts easy to buy, the domestic machine price is of course very low, but the service life is obviously very low (the first year after purchase is prone to problems). Of course, people choose different orientations, just like buying clothes or shoes, some people are willing to buy low-priced products, regardless of your quality, cheap on the line. Hedge machine is a pure landscaping tool in garden machinery, because it mainly trims and beautifies boxwood, Holly and other hedges. The hedge machine is mainly divided into double tough hedge machine and single tough hedge machine, double tough hedge machine is mainly used to trim out spherical hedge, single tough hedge machine mainly trim out wall hedge. Hedge machine brands are more, but also divided into imported and domestic two mainstream brands, imports have Komatsu and steel, domestic Nancy and Huasheng, or separated from the two major orientation of quality and price, a professional point to buy imports (from the price and quality dual consideration, long-term use is appropriate), and if the amount of pruning is not large to domestic can be. Pay attention to some maintenance rules in use. The chainsaw is the most commonly used garden appliance, mainly used for cutting trees, mainly according to the length of the guide of the machine, the short guide is mainly used for intermittent pruning, and the long guide is used for logging. At present, the domestic chainsaw market is still dominated by imported chainsaws, such as Steel, etc., of course, imported chainsaws are still winning by quality