The introduction of garden machinery

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Garden machinery is a general term, in fact, the main use in this industry is five types of machine: lawn mower, irrigation machine, hedge machine, chainsaw, medicine machine.
Use a chainsaw at -30 ° C
First, it is recommended that the mixing ratio of fuel is 20:1 to 15:1 (must be mixed with high-quality air-cooled two-stroke oil), and the lubricating oil of the saw chain should be mixed with 10% to 30% diesel (fire oil or light oil) to ensure the appropriate concentration. The proportion should be based on the amount of oil emitted by the saw chain to determine the degree of addition, but it should be mastered in the range of 10% to 30%. Second, the idle speed should be adjusted to: 2500~3000 RPM, while the idle speed at room temperature is 2000 RPM.
Two-stroke mechanical fuel mix ratio
Generally, two-stroke mechanical fuel is mixed with steam engine oil (in which the oil is a two-stroke engine special oil), the ratio is standard, and the proportion of steam engine oil is about 25: About 1, depending on the use, if the use is not a long time of high-speed operation, you can appropriately increase the concentration, if the use of high-speed rotation, it is appropriate to reduce the concentration, put more oil, to ensure the normal lubrication of the internal moving parts of the cylinder, but pay attention to remove the silencer in time, remove the carbon in the exhaust duct, so as to avoid too much carbon into the cylinder, causing the cylinder to pull. Sod machines remove all plants from the site, measure soil physical properties and pH, check drainage and irrigation facilities, and then use a disk harrow or manual methods to improve the tightness of the soil, you can be reseeded.