Research on the development trend of electric outboard engine

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In the recent March-April period, the release of various clean energy and various green boat types in the international market has been endless, and the latest trends in the field of electric outboards can be clearly seen in the comprehensive media - this is a field of rapid innovation and one of the brightest stars in the global recreational Marine business, whose unit sales have increased by about 30% in the past decade. In a full report, I read about developments in the field of electric outboards, where cutting-edge technologies are carving out a larger niche in this highly competitive market.
Ongoing developments in battery technology continue to support the continued growth of electric outboards, especially in the small and medium power category. Driven by a growing number of regional restrictions on the use of internal combustion engines on environmentally sensitive waterways and widespread interest in green technologies, electric engines have gained increasing acceptance. Driving this change are technological advances that add a competitive advantage to electric engines, rather than just reducing their carbon footprint.
The development trend of electric outboard machine:
In addition to ecological considerations, other benefits are becoming important drivers of consumer demand: light weight, no fuel, zero emissions, quiet and less maintenance costs;
The ability to drive larger boats at faster speeds - enough for wakeboarding and water skiing;
The rapid development of battery technology;
Propellers on sailboats generate hydroelectric power;
User adjustable, variable shaft length;
Connectivity to smartphone apps;
Greater electronic integration (including wireless) with other on-board devices - plotters, autopilot, GPS positioning, etc.;
At present, the share of electric engines in the overall outboard market is about 1.3%, which is comparable to the penetration of electric vehicles in the automotive industry.